Refurbishment Scheme

Our hardware is made by strong solid brass that will stand the test of time, and although we’re making our leather products to last, leather is a natural material that can get damaged in different ways (extreme exposure to the elements with poor care, etc). Perhaps your pup has chewed your precious gear (we won’t judge, promise!), or maybe it has simply been outgrown.

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to buy a new collar/lead and already have an old one, you can send this to us and we will clean up the hardware and re-use it for your new collar/lead. To help promote this recycling scheme we’re offering 30% off your order plus free shipping.

If you’re interested in buying a new collar/lead with our recycling scheme please email us at with the following information and we will get back to you with further instructions:

  • Full name and delivery address
  • Items being returned (product, colour and size)
  • Items you want to order (product, colour and size)

TL;DR: Send us your Vackertass leather product(s) and we will replace the old leather with brand new leather and refurbish the hardware. You’ll get 30% off (plus free shipping) on your upgraded product(s)!

Terms & conditions:

  • We can only upgrade the type of product (collar to collar or lead to lead), but you can change the colour if you wish. In some cases you might be able to change the size as well, depending on your current size. 
  • Your hardware is being refurbished, which means we will clean it up as much as possible but it’s still the same hardware you had before so could still show marks of wear and tear. 
  • You are responsible for posting the old products to us but we will cover the shipping back to you. 
  • We only offer this service for Vackertass products.