Leather Twin Lead Extension


Twin lead extension which allows you to walk two dogs alongside each other at the same time without the tangle and hassle of two separate leads. Just hook your regular lead to the o-ring and you’re ready to go!

Our leads and collars are handmade from vegetable tanned full-grain leather and strong solid brass hardware, made to order to reduce waste and get the most out of the material we use. Please note that the natural leather is untreated so is more sensitive to the elements and the ageing process will be more prominent than the other shades. It will develop into a tan shade.

Please note: if you have two strong dogs who tend to pull a lot this lead may not be the right choice for you as you will have all that pull on just one hand. The twin extension is best suited for dogs similar in height.

Size Guide & Details

  • One-size: each split end measures 16” long, 5/8" wide/40cm long, 1.6cm wide

We recommend to condition the leather every 3-6 months using a natural leather wax to help keep the leather soft and protect it from environmental factors. Regularly cleaning and wiping off the brass hardware from dirt will help against the oxidation process and potential staining and darkening. Please keep in mind that this is a natural process with leather and brass and can't be completely avoided.


Vegetable tanned leather with solid brass hardware.